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Uncompromising quality down to the very last stitch – this is what we demand of ourselves and this is what we live up to each and every day. Our respect for traditional craftmanship, combined with the experience of our experts and use of the finest materials makes each Oberwerth camera bag a unique masterpiece. Every camera bag is 100% handmade with superb attention to detail – and a lot of faith in our product! This is down to the dedication and care that goes into the creation process. The extraordinary workmanship of a genuine Oberwerth can be felt in each and every seam. And it lasts a lifetime!

We want you to share our faith in our products. That’s why we offer a voluntary, lifetime extended warranty on your Oberwerth camera bag. To activate this extension, you will need a previous personal registration. Please complete the following online form. You will need your receipt and the serial number of your Oberwerth bag. The serial number is sewn into the insert of your Oberwerth.*

*Customers who own an Oberwerth bag from a previous production period will not find a serial number in the insert of their Oberwerth camera bags. Naturally, we also provide lifetime warranty extensions for these bags. All you will need is the receipt for your Oberwerth. Please send the receipt together with your personal information to

You can read the terms and conditions of the warranty here and save them for your records..

Product Registration
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