Camera Strap ELTZ

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  • KE-LS-3301
Camera strap ELTZ - for compact system cameras The ELTZ camera strap made of 100% vegetable... more
Product information "Camera Strap ELTZ"

Camera strap ELTZ - for compact system cameras

The ELTZ camera strap made of 100% vegetable tanned cowhide is ideal for compact system and bridge cameras. The red seam on the black strap or the beige seam on the dark brown strap sets accents and gives the ELTZ straps a modern and stylish appearance. With every use the leather becomes more and mroe soft and supple.

The ELTZ straps are continuously adjustable up to a maximum length of 115 cm.

  • The special sewing technique gives the straps an even and smooth feel
  • Finely crafted seams set fashionable accents
  • Straps continuously adjustable (max. 115 cm)
  • A specifically sewn, unnoticeable plastic tape gives the leather additional tensile strength (up to 15 kg)
  • Suitable for all common camera models thanks to retaining ring
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