Oberwerth – The Year’s Best Photo Gear 2014

Oberwerth – Year’s Best Photo Gear 2014
Popular Photography choosed Oberwerth camera bags as top product 2014 in the category ‘Carriage’

We are more than happy and very proud that the uncompromisingly high quality standard and the innovative character of our Oberwerth bags have been awarded as ‘The Year’s Best Photo Gear 2014’ by the largest photo magazine in the USA, ‘Popular Photography’.

Like every year, the Popular Photography magazine once again named and honored the best accessories, cameras and camera equipment available on the market. In the first year of their market launch, our Oberwerth bags thus received the coveted award in the USA.

“We were very surprised by this award and of course we are thrilled. It’s fantastic that we have gained the attention and recognition of the international trade press in such a short period of time,” explained Regina Immes, product designer and founder of the Oberwerth brand.

“High-end style and camera bags usually don’t mix, but the German company Oberwerth is changing that with its bags for cameras,” Popular Photography describes the vote for Oberwerth as “The Year’s Best Photo Gear 2014”.

Quelle: Popular Photography